Dyse One Gansta Love Tee Black

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Dyse One Gansta Love Tee Black Dyse One Gansta Love Tee Black 39,90 € 34,90 € Ušetríte: 13 %

Dyse One

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Dyse One Gansta Love Tee Black

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  • Dyse One
  • 100% Cotton
  • LA Original
  • Hood Uniforms
  • High Comfort
  • Imported
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Ušetríte: 13 %

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Služby zákazníkom: +421-911-77-6199



twelve year old DyseOne moved from rocking graffiti on stationary walls to Denim jackets, pants, hats, and anything else that his peers could sport around the neighborhood. This became his Southern Cali way of going All City, and helped solidify a place for graffiti-inspired apparel on the West Coast. Although heavily influenced by New York graffiti artists, DyseOne integrated additional elements and transformed it into a new West Coast style. Never willing to stagnate, the name DyseOne became known for innovation and collaboration both on walls and in the fashion industry...more

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